With 20+ years working in many facets of the entertainment industry, it was only a matter of time that Chán André began to dream a bigger dream.   As a producer, songwriter, vocal producer, arranger and creative director in the music business, he had already worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Dr. Dre, Paula Abdul, Whitney Houston, EnVogue, Aaliyah, Toni Braxton, Randy Jackson and a host of others.  But truly loving the progession of life, he was looking for new ways to express himself.

After a brief "retirement" from the music biz from 2000-2005 where Chán was seeking out new passions, he picked up a camera as a hobby.  Never having worked a day in this field of photography, but was determined to teach himself everything he could.  Mostly inspired by an addiction to collecting magazines and coffee table books.  But especially crediting inspiration from being on many sets during his run in music and watching the masters at work like Herb Ritts, Matthew Rolston, Paul Hunter, David LaChappell and Peggy Sirota (whom he credits for giving the final push into this art form), he knew that if he was going to do it, he wanted to do it big and boundless like those he admired.

In 2005, it became official when he decided to make photography a priority.  He knew early on that he didn't want the attention to go to his name, so he created Voyeur Photography, Inc.  A self-confessed "voyeur" – he defines voyeur by his love to watch, learn and be inspired by the human experience and interaction.  People are his passion and his goal is always to make his subjects feel more beautiful, more confident, more heard and understood, more vulnerable and more seen than ever before.

Now in 2011, without having had a producer, agent or representative of any kind, Chán has single handedly built the Voyeur Photography name while considering this time the formative, training years.  He has intentionally avoided the competitive industry by keeping his company virtually boutique with a clientele of private companies and individuals.  All the while maintaining a reputation for delivering inspiring imagery, Voyeur is most known for it's specific coloring and the beautifully expressed and sometimes exaggerated messages in the images.

Chán has photographed everything from billionaires to the homeless, famous to infamous, actors, singers, dancers and models, including some of his own model discoveries that have gone on to campaign glory.  His images have been seen and discussed in many places, on many platforms around the world.  He has produced, art directed, conceptualized, and even hands-on edited nearly every single photo shoot he has done in his six years of shooting.  With love and deep knowledge of lighting, styling, make-up and set design each image takes on a visual completeness that is now comparable to the masters.

Chán often says that he never wants to do the same thing twice. He strongly feels that each individual he photographs deserves their own creative expression, like a fingerprint or a signature. He avoids the trappings of doing carbon copy, "templet" kind of work.  He says that the clients energy, and the message they are trying to convey to the viewer is what creates each shot, each setting, each color.  Each photograph is there to either confirm, challenge, contradict or exaggerate the truth of the subject.  Fortunately, his clientele come to him for this reason. 

In the last three years Chán has revamped his company as VPi Entertainment and is actively building individual branches including Voyeur Photography, Voyeur Pictures (Film/Directing), Voyeur Productions (Music), Voyeur Prints (Fashion Design), Voyeur Plans (Interior Design) and Voyeur Philanthropy (Charitable Work).

Most recently many have watched as his photo style has taken motion under Voyeur Pictures.  Again taking on uncharted waters, untrained yet unafraid, as a budding new director.  Chán is quickly and effectively finding his voice, both alone and with his directing and business partner Brian Friedman (who is famed for his dancing, creative direction and choreography work with Prince, Michael Jackson, Britney...)  They recently joined forces to start a new venture called IDentity UNknown Entertainment, Inc. where they are finding and developing new talent to share with the world in a huge way.

When you ask Chán how he accomplishes such epic work without any training, he answers:

"It's all a feeling for me… it's emotional and spiritual.  That's how I get the results I do.  I connect with all my subjects the same, no matter who it is.   I really don't try to go big, I just try to feel and create the moments.   I can't tell you much about the technical part of shooting, only how it feels… and to me, it feels like singing and dancing.  I am now 1000% confident in my voice, my abilities and my artistic expression.   I'm finally ready to take on the world…one creation at a time."